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About Maya's Closet

Maya’s Closet is a vision, it’s an event, it’s the culmination of an aspiration, a dream come true if you will. It is not just a trendy fashion online store…no…it’s a home for carefully selected range of cutting-edge designers – from across the Middle East region - their innovative, stylish and original fashion with a cultural flavour. It is as timeless as it is trendy!

It’s a mélange of the western ideas and concepts of fashion and the exotic, mysticism of the Middle East, it’s a closet full of unique fashion pieces and designed to be an online fashion destination for those of us who like the edgy, look for the trendy and truly want to be different.

It’s a portal to the wonderful world of fashion for young and trendy women who dare to be different. All these women are reflected in the fashion, the diversity of designs and creativity seen here in Maya’s Closet. The fashion here is as timeless as the women that will buy and wear it….

Maya’s Closet is also all about trendy fashion with a cultural flavour that works for those of us with manic lives. For those of us who are mothers, careerists and/or both, it’s a trendy online fashion store that inspires with original designs that make us feel special every day no matter what the occasion is.

As an extension of this vision, Maya’s Closet brings the world of trendy fashion with a cultural flavor to babies and children – they are our future, our inspiration – my daughter was very much mine – hence the idea and the name for Maya’s Closet, they are our joy and the source of so much happiness and they also deserve to be little fashionistas, to sport the most trendy children’s clothing that is on offer today and here at Maya’s Closet we have made the conscious move to include gorgeous clothing & other accessories for them (from 6 months to 6 years……)

Maya’s Closet is a trendy, culturally flavored online fashion experience – its fashion with a Middle Eastern flavor and it’s the culmination of a project that started as an aspiration and has led to being a showcase for designers who create wonderful fashion pieces, dedicate time, effort, enthusiasm and creativity to their craft and produce some beautiful, quirky, colourful, original fashion that is hand made, truly unique and not mass produced giving you, our band of fashionistas, some great “closet” pieces that wont stay in the closet!

We are delighted that you are here and joining us on this beautiful & colourful journey. We hope that you enjoy the experience in selecting those gorgeous, unique pieces from Maya’s Closet that bring out the stylish diva in you….

Above all we are here to inspire you and to ensure that you come back to Maya’s Closet regularly to discover it’s new offerings, seasonal/limited fashion items and special offers. We promise you a unique shopping experience with a growing selection of leading and talented Middle Eastern designers maintaining the theme of timeless trendy fashion with a Middle East flavour whilst also being a trendy fashion online destination for those in the know!

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